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Attract Your Leads Online Through Social Media

Digital Magus is here to set up and handle all your social media profiles. Our range of social media services strive to enhance your online reputation and engage potential customers. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, we will attract new eyeballs on all platforms through our social media services.

Digital Magus aims to present you and your brand through a creative and strategic approach so that you stand out among the competition.

What does our Social Media Services include?

Social Media Profile Set-Up

We understand that when developing a business, individuals tend to skip the part of building a social media profile for their brand. Lack of time due to a hectic schedule or uncertainty can be a few reasons.

We got you covered. Our social media team will setup your social media profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to kick-start your social media campaign.

Personal Training

If you are not interested in handling over your account to us, we can even train you to use your profiles on all platforms to best position and promote your business. Our team will guide you in analyzing the engagement metrics so that you can expand your reach.

Strategy Development

Once the accounts and profiles get created, our team begins the campaign by developing a robust strategy. We figure out the entire posting strategy to expand the reach of your business to a new height. Nothing gets implemented without the consultation of our clients.

Content Creation

Our creative social media team develops custom images, writes optimized content, and captions. The team also networks you with other relevant pages and profiles, thus, building quality connections to increase your reach.

Paid & Organic Advertising

Without brand awareness, no business can survive. Advertising is the preferred choice when it comes to expanding your reach on social media. Digital Magus handles both paid and organic advertising. We create the entire content for your ads to help generate maximum leads on all platforms.

Monitoring & Moderation

There is no point in working hard without any results to show. Therefore, our social media team regularly monitors and keeps track of all the engagement metrics and how they are impacting your business.

A company with a proven track record

Digital Magus is a specialized IT services company renowned to go one step further for our clients.

Why Choose Digital Magus Over Others?

  • The Target Audience is our top priority.The team of Digital Magus believes the journey of an online business begins by identifying the target audience for your product. We help in understanding your target audience and then build your profile accordingly.
  • Your Success, Our Success The success of our clients defines our success. At Digital Magus, we take the required time to listen and understand your goals and vision. We ensure that our social media team is on board and updated with the changes to provide the best service possible.We handle every project with the utmost care and set deadlines at each step of the way. We consider your business and investment as our own and leave no stone unturned in delivering the desired outcome.
  • Transparency at each step Success cannot get achieved without a level of trust. Therefore, we strive to build a trust layer with our clients by communicating with them at each step of the journey through various portals.Regular communication keeps the clients updated and engaged with the ongoing project, and they can see the results from day one.
  • Updated with the latest Social Media Trends Old techniques can never survive in the modern world. As the marketing world evolves, we keep ourselves updated with all the recent trends and changes in social media algorithms and features, so that your social media profile doesn’t get stale with time.
  • A Proven Track Record Over the years, Digital Magus has been consistently delivering clients’ desired outcomes from across the globe. Our hard work and dedication allow us to sustain our existing clients and attract new ones regularly.
  • We Are Ethical We have strong business ethics in place, and never mind going the extra mile. We are transparent, updated, and proactive when it comes to coordinating with our clients. These ethics have helped us immensely in keeping hold of our existing clients and attracting new ones.
  • We Are Prompt Saving our client’s time and money is one of our top priorities. Whenever the client has an issue or concern, we respond immediately. We are prompt in our actions, i.e., we never delay our tasks. Taking swift measures will allow you to get ahead of your competitors.

I have my own concerns

Our social media team begins with understanding our client’s target audience and then devising a strategy accordingly. To kick-start, the client’s profile gets set up on all social media channels. When it comes to brand awareness, we can generate both paid and organic traffic, according to the client’s choice.

The entire process is transparent, with the client getting notified via regular communication through various online portals.

Digital Magus’s social media team will keep you updated with all engagement metrics, resulting in a positive or negative impact on your business. If the outcome is negative, we recognize it and respond to it immediately.

Through regular updates and monthly reports,you can quickly figure out when your campaign turned into a success.

We believe you should be confident in our services. Therefore, you can work with us on a short-term contract, and once you are satisfied, then only commit long-term.

Yes, we have expert in-house content creators to write the creative content for Ads. All the content will get optimized accordingly.

At Digital Magus, we feel proud and honored to see our client’s success. Therefore, we create a result-oriented strategy and dedicate ourselves to implement that strategy. Our experts will guide you through the journey of setting up a social media profile and then optimizing it to maximize your business’s visibility to your targeted audience and demographic. Our social media services get tailored to fit within your budget and produce a maximum return on investment.

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