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PPC Services: Immediate Results to boost ROI

If you aim to reach the top of search resultsimmediately, Digital Magus is here to devise a plan for you. With our PPC marketing campaigns, you can get assured that your investment will provide an immediate boost. Our range of PPC services provide you a head start over your competitors and increase your online business’s reach.

Why PPC Management?

  • PPC campaign deliver immediate results
    One of the biggest lures of PPC that attracts businesses is the delivery of immediate results. A good PPC campaign can shoot your online product past your competitors and provide you success in a shorter time than SEO.
  • PPC is measurable and trackable A significant benefit of a PPC campaign through Google Ads is that it is easy to measure and track. You can use the Analytical tools provided by Google and figure out the performance details, including impressions, clicks, and conversions.
  • PPC offers maximum visibility in search resultsPPC places your product above regular search results in most search engines. Therefore, it gives you an edge over your competitors.
  • PPC Offers complete control over the landing pageA PPC ad provides you the full control over which Landing Page you want the visitor to click and visit. In this way, the visitor will get redirected to the most relevant information about your product.
  • PPC Provides FlexibilityPPC gives you the power of choosing which keywords you want to bid higher on, i.e., allowing you to plan your budget accordingly.

A company with a proven track record

Digital Magus is a specialized IT services company renowned to go one step further for our clients.

What does our PPC services include?

Landing Page Creation & conversion rate Optimization

According to the client’s need, we can create a Landing Page that will get targeted to attract visitors through our PPC campaign. Through incorporating conversion optimization strategies, we ensure that the visitor is engaged in your website.

Keyword Research

Our in-depth keyword research strategy will save your time and money. The research will target the majority of searchers to click on your website.

Campaign Setup & Optimization

We will setup PPC campaigns with the client to target a particular city, state, or country and optimize the ads accordingly.

Creating compelling ads

Our experts develop the most effective ads in association with the client, which increases the conversion rate, ultimately improving the client’s sales.

Conversion Tracking Setup

We regularly keep track of the customers’ actions when they visit your website through an ad, which gives us an idea of how effective that particular ad has been in customer purchases and sign-ups.

AB Testing

To test the performance of our ads, we execute AB testing by comparing two webpages. This testing helps in optimizing the ongoing PPC campaign by never letting the conversion rate drop.

Remarketing campaigns

Our PPC strategy also involves remarketing campaigns, i.e., targeting visitors who have already shown an interest in your online business. We will target them by serving ads regularly, which will go a long way in increasing sales or leads.

Monthly Reporting

Without progress, there is no success. Therefore, we provide monthly reports to our clients to track where they stood and how much progress got made through our PPC marketing and PPC services.

Why choose Digital Magus over others for your PPC campaign?

  • Dedicated Specialists for your ProjectThe team of Digital Magus believes in hard work and dedication. We specialize in setting up a PPC strategy for our clients and dedicate ourselves entirely to the campaign’s success.
  • Transparency on the spent budgetSustainability doesn’t work without a level of transparency. Therefore, we make sure that our clients get given a clear picture of the budget spent on the entire PPC marketing.
  • Monthly ReportingWe keep our clients updated with all the parameters through our Monthly Reports. These reports give an idea of the progress made by Digital Magus in growing and taking your online business to the next level.
  • Up to date with the recent changes and updatesOld techniques can never survive in the modern world. As the marketing world evolves, we keep ourselves updated with all the recent trends and changes in Google’s Algorithm and technologies that can provide a significant boost to our client’s online business.
  • We Are EthicalWe have strong business ethics in place, and never mind going the extra mile. We are transparent, updated, and proactive when it comes to coordinating with our clients. These ethics have helped us immensely in keeping hold of our existing clients and attracting new ones.
  • We Are PromptSaving our client’s time and money is one of our top priorities. Whenever the client has an issue or concern, we respond immediately. We are prompt in our actions, i.e., we never delay our tasks. Acting swiftly will only allow you to get ahead of your competitors.
  • No Long-Term Contract RequiredAn incentive that we provide our clients when they approach Digital Magus is that there is no requirement of a Long-Term Contract. A client has the option of investing in us Long-Term when he/she is satisfied with our work.

I have my own concerns

It depends on various factors such as audience behavior, available budget, and your organization’s marketing goals. When you strike the right balance between all these factors, you can choose whether you want to invest in SEO services for Organic Traffic or PPC services for Paid Traffic.

When you plan to invest in a PPC campaign, your budget will get decided by the industry you are targeting and its competitiveness. However, as Digital Magus is here to guide you through the entire process and get you the best in minimal budget, there is no need to worry.

At Digital Magus, we create a strategy and dedicate ourselves to implement that strategy. Our experts will guide you through the journey of designing your website, optimizing your website, and developing a PPC campaign to maximize your business’s visibility in search engines and social media. Our PPC marketing gets uniquely designed to fit your budget while delivering high-quality ROI-driven outcomes.

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