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Wordpress Hosting for Digital Marketing

WordPress is the easiest way to create a website or a blog, and every website needs digital marketing for its growth. So, if you see these two get along to grow a business or an online presence.

WordPress is the largest and widely used Content Management System (CMS), that allows you to create, maintain, and organize websites with ease. Popular organizations like Sony, Disney, etc. use the WordPress website which is very amazing. You can create any professional or personal website using this CMS, as it already has thousands of themes available. This allows you to just select a theme and replace the pseudo content with your content. This way a blog or website gets generated in no time. So, if you are wondering how to create a website then I would suggest you pick WordPress.

Now, there are two types of WordPress, one is free and the other one that you buy from hosting provider. The common perception everyone has is if they can get a free one, then why do they pay?

The answer is of course to get the best outcomes. As we know, nothing comes for free and we don’t like to compromise on quality. Thus, you can spend very little amount and get the best WordPress hosting in India from MilesWeb that allows you to enjoy the CMS with any limitations. With their WordPress hosting, you get unlimited resources which are not the case with a free one. Also, support is provided 24/7.

Now let’s see how WordPress helps in Digital Marketing

We all know, that to grow a business we need to focus on the digital marketing parameters, so we will see how these parameters can be enhanced using the WordPress website.

1) Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is the best digital marketing strategy, where you focus on marketing the content in the form of text, images, videos, etc, in short everything that you already have. As WordPress was first started for blogging it already knows the content marketing. The CMS then allows you to use targeted keywords and phrases to drive the content on to the website.

2) SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is a process to optimize websites and links so that Google or other search engines can easily find you based on the keywords and phrases. As we saw in 1st point WordPress allows you to create such keywords and phrases to improve SEO so, you just focus on making it better. Let’s see how to do so:

(i) It has a Yoast plugin that can be used to test the SEO strength of a page and also customize the page title and META description.

(ii) WordPress updates the content and its software frequently to improve ranking.

3) Plugins

WordPress cloud hosting has a pool of themes and plugins that can be used for free. So, to update or modify a website you can just install those plugins and check which one works best for you. To test the digital marketing performance you need to do the test and trial method and opt for the best one. With WordPress, the testing becomes so easy, and you don’t need to waste a lot of time on it.

4) Conversion rate:

The high conversion rate can be achieved with CMS in an easier way. It allows you to track which content gets visits or comments and which don’t. After which it becomes easy to eliminate the content that doesn’t work. It also allows you to track which call-to-action button works better.

Basically, you can say that WordPress makes your digital marketing work very easy and also enhances it to its fullest.

MilesWeb offers the WordPress hosting at just Rs.40/month. So, you don’t need to get confused and search a lot instead of just can get from them.

Features of WordPress hosting from MilesWeb:

1) Free domain

To start an online business you need a domain that denotes your brand. With WordPress hosting plan MilesWeb offers you a free domain. So, just check if your domain name is available and register the one that you want.

2) WordPress updates

WordPress is a huge CMS and it gets updated very frequently. Small changes are done in the CMS so as to improve its working, but with MilesWeb you don’t have to worry about updating the system manually. All the updation and optimization is done automatically by the software that comes with the hosting plan. It is incorporated into the system to make your work easy.

3) SSL security

Every website must have an SSL certificate to keep the data on it encrypted. The SSL certificate is provided for free with every hosting plan which also improves search engine rankings. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc prefer sites with SSL certificates and improves their SEO performance.

4) Secure Email

The WordPress hosting plan doesn’t put any limit to create the email account. Each plan comes with unlimited email accounts that allow you to create unlimited emails, such as different ids for different departments. This gives a professional touch and all emails are protected with IMAP/POP/SMTP protocols.

Want to grow business?

The best way to grow a business is by performing digital marketing. And if you haven’t started an online business yet, then it’s time to consult with the Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne.